Procedure Information Sheets

These information sheets have been written specifically for patients under the care of Ear, Nose and Throat Victoria.

They are designed to illustrate the reasons behind certain procedures, as well as the steps involved, potential risks and complications and expected recovery times.

They should help complement a thorough history and examination, together with any relevant investigations.

The Surgeons and the staff at ENTV are always happy to discuss any concerns you may have leading up to surgery.

Post operative information

The documents below contain information that will help answer any queries or concerns you may have after surgery. It is a good idea to read them before surgery and to pass them onto anyone involved in your care.

Please follow the information closely to avoid any complications.

If you do feel unwell or are experiencing complications, please contact the office on (03) 9895 0400 or the hospital phone number given to you prior to discharge. 

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