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Skin Cancer

Australia has the world’s highest rate of skin cancer. A significant proportion of these are in the head and neck region. The surgeons at ENT Victoria have vast experience in managing skin cancers on the face, neck and ear.

Submandibular Gland

This saliva gland that lies under the jaw secretes the majority of the saliva in the mouth. It can occasionally become blocked or infected leading to pain and swelling. Rarely it can develop lumps within it. Our surgeons frequently manage these problems with careful assessment and investigation. State-of-the-art sialoendoscopy can sometimes be offered to patients with submandibular stones that would otherwise mandate gland removal.

Thyroid Gland

Our ENT surgeons are well placed to manage lumps within the thyroid. Lumps are common and often benign but occasionally can be suspicious and warrant surgical management. Thyroid surgery is intimately related to the anatomy of the neck and larynx (voice box), both areas well understood by ENT specialists. Thorough assessment with imaging, pathology and upper airway endoscopy is routine for the management of thyroid lumps in our facility.

Parotid Gland

This is the largest saliva gland in the body and sits in front of the ear. It normally secretes watery saliva but can occasionally become blocked and/or infected. Rarely it can develop lumps within it. These are usually benign but can interfere with function or cosmesis. Most parotid lumps are removed by ENT surgeons. A comprehensive understanding of the gland’s relationship to important structures (i.e the nerve to the muscles of the face) is crucial to managing problems in this area.

Thyroglossal Cysts

These are swellings that occur below the jaw in the midline. They can occur in childhood or early adulthood. They represent a small amount of thyroid tissue that has not descended down to the proper place during development. They are almost always benign but can occasionally be large and become infected. ENT surgeons are well placed to manage these.

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